Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello? is Anyone Listening to Me?

Blogging can be frustrating, especially at first, if you see no comments and believe no one is really reading your content which you worked so hard to create.

Getting a program like google analytics goes a long way in helping you grasp just how many people are really visiting your site and reading your content.

The best way to get started generating readership is to simply google around and find sites in your niche. If you've been blessed with google searchers finding your content (which you noticed because you went and got google analytics) then you will know what key words to focus on when looking for blogs with similiar content. Getting those blogs with similiar keywords to link to you is huge for google search engine optimization.

Don't despair, your readers are really out there, you just need to get within ear shot and be ready to impress them when they finally read your content.

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