Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spelling Things Wrogn

Spelling words incorrectly has been a trick used by marketing gurus for years. With the advent of the google built in spell checker this practice has slowly been diminishing in effectiveness. Certain words, however, are spelled incorrectly by the public: Cell Phones or Cellphones? And then there are different languages such as british english: Color or Colour? By writing articles which associate themselves with the less common spelling you essentially are creating a niche with a topic which could be very difficult to enter in under normal circumstances.

The weight loss niche is a very difficult area to get in the top 10 on a google results page. However, by spelling the word weight as weigth I managed to get #2 on google with one of my key phrases in the weight loss category. This of course was dependent on the user typing the word weight incorrectly.

If you are trying to figure out the best way to mispell a word, aim for letters which are on opposite sides of the keyboard. This way the user has a better chance of hitting the wrong sequence of keys because they need to coordinate both hands at once and this is why many people will accidentally reverse letters that fall opposite of each other on the keyboard. Probably the most mispelled word in the english language online is "teh." See how the t is on the left hand, h is on the right and e is on the left again?

Another neat trick is reversing keys on the keyboard. For instance, you could type k instead of d in a word. Your goal here is obviously to catch someone not paying attention and lazily typing in the word.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Affiliate Options - What price to pick?

Does price determine which affiliate you choose? If you do a good job researching affiliate products and speaking with the authors/creators of said projects then figuring out the right one will be based on quality, not price.

So what if the 'learn to speak spanish' booklet is $66, if it's a quality product then it's better to sell that book than a spanish cheat sheet worth $4.

Keep this in mind when looking for affiliate products on your site and be sure to never assume that the first one you see is the best one available.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Color of AdSense

Sticking with the AdSense theme, I'd like to talk about another way to change up your ads and avoid the dreaded 'ad blindness' syndrome with your readers.

Simply changing the colors on your ads will greatly improve their visibility, just don't do it too much. It's not quite as bad as moving them around but it can give your readers a startle (which also causes them to read your ads that first time they see the new colors) but you'll want to be careful of how many times you do this.

Myself I change my ads maybe once a month if that to a very strong color that compliments the blog. This is why it's a good idea to have color themes of 3-4 colors running through your blog. It allows you the options of changing ad colors at any time and still having them make sense for new users.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Just Advertise with Adsense - Go all out!

Many blogs and websites try to hide their advertisements in corners or down at the bottom of the page. Let's think for a second, how does this help you? How is that any different from just not putting up ads in the first place? If readers aren't going to see your ads, how will you make money?

Your adsense ads should be part of your page, and in areas that will cause people to read them in search of whatever they happen to be looking for in the first place when they came to your site.

When you do move beyond adsense and put up links for specific products, go all out and make a short description page for the product or make a post or write a description beneath the ad or contact the product owner for graphics or do whatever you can think of to make the ad more visible for your audience. Don't just slap the ad in front of their faces, but actually give them a reason to click in the first place!

That being said, your ad should never interfere with readers getting to your content. I highly disagree with using in text ads that are automatically generated or pop ups that appear when mousing over a section of the site because they ruin the surfing experience of your users.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Importance of Moving Adsense Ads Around - Avoid Ad Blindness

There are several areas of your website which are considered 'hot spots' for advertisements such as affiliate programs or google adsense. These spots include the top left of your site, just under your title, the left hand side of your page, and between posts. Unfortuneately, users frequently develop ad blindless when viewing a website: they learn to ignore your ads because they know the location has no relevant information to them.

How to you avoid ad blindness? Move your ads around! That's right, change it up a bit and watch the increase in hits that you get on your google adsense or other ads. You should notice a sudden spike from users who normally would not view your ads but now are taking a glance at them since they are in a new location.

This has worked like a charm on my websites and I tend to do this about once a month to avoid causing a headache for my more frequent users.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What to write about?

One of my favorite topics to write about is weight loss. Although it is difficult to find key words which work well in such a cluttered niche there are always a few gems hanging around for the diligent researchers. The phrases "How to make the XX diet work" or "Why am I failing on the XX diet" are good starting places to search on google.

Folow these easy steps:

Pick a phrase
Google it exactly with quotes
Tweek the phrase
Google without quotes
Write an article about the site with the title being your google phrase
Include hoplink at the end of the article

That's how easy it is. You could write probably 2-3 different diet articles every day on a different one and you'd still have something to write about after a month. So dive into those dieting websites and find a niche for yourself!

Friday, November 13, 2009

How can make you money?

EHow is my favorite free article site currently because not only does it drive traffic to my website, but it also allows me to make a small amount of money on the side! That's right, if someone clicks an ad on their site while he/she is viewing your article then you get a small payment in return. The very first day I tried Ehow I was making money from articles and I know that anyone can repeat my success.

So how do you write on ehow? It's simple, first you make an account like any free article site. Next, you write a title, keywords, and introduction to your ehow article, as well as a difficulty for repeating whatever it is you are going to instruct someone on how to do. You see, ehow is about lists, and after you finish writing the beginning of your article you then have to write a detailed to-do list for your reader to accomplish whatever task you are discussing. After this list is done you can then add links in a resource box at the bottom.

Other custom features include adding images, videos, and what stuff the reader needs before they start.

This site rules! Go check out and start writing some to-do list articles.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Create Unique Articles for your Bum Marketing Business

One of the misconceptions about bum marketing is that you need to take posts from your blog and just paste them into as many free article sites as possible. This couldn't be further from the truth! What you need to do is write an article on your blog and then write ABOUT that article with unique articles then placed on the free article site. It is far better to write new, uncopied information on each free article site than to just copy and paste. Google is pretty smart and it will pick up what you're doing thus hurting your search results in the long run.

Think of it as an excercise in your writing prowress. Can you write about something till there's nothing left to be said? Then you can probably compose articles about a subject for your blog or website and then write more on articles, perhaps with catch phrases at the end like: "Learn more at my blog with this post" or "There's much more information pertaining to this article here."

So next time you read an article or blogpost telling you to just copy and paste information onto free article sites... order them to come here and read this post!

If you are interested in getting a book on article marketing then please check out Mass Article Control.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Power of How

Google loves the word "How." For whatever reason, articles I place on free websites that include phrases like "How to" or "How I made" or "How come" are almost instantly indexed by google. This has allowed me to come to the conclusion that the word "How" is highly valued by google's SEO index.

So How can you allow the power of how to help with your bum marketing business? Just like I'm doing now! I'm writing a post that answers the question how you can use the word "How" as well as including it in my title. How is a very powerful tool for the savy bum marketer, and it's something you will definately want to include in atleast a handful of your articles.

Another great part about using "How" in your title is that you are basically telling the person clicking that an answer will be found on the following page. If you answer that "How" then you will most likely have someone willing to click on your link within the article and visit your site.

The power of how within google is awe inspiring, try it out for yourself!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Ways to Market Your Affiliate Products

Use the following sites or methods to provide information for prospective buyers and better sell your affiliate products.

1. Create a Blog on
2. Create articles on
3. Use to create articles that help bolster the SEO of your other websites. This site does not allow direct hoplinks so you will need to get creative and make your own webpages which redirect users to where you actually want them to go.
4. Submit articles on
5. Submit articles on
6. Post on forums related to your niche and leave a link to your hop linked product in your signature. Be sure to create a name for yourself as a helpful member of the community.
7. Use to advertise your websites and leave links to hoplinked products in your tweets every once in a while.
8. Use to create a video on your niche and leave a hoplink in the sidebar to the product.
9. Use to advertise your websites and leave links to your hoplinked products.
10. Never ever stop writing. If you want to influence people to buy your products then you will need to become a stellar writer. The keyboard is your greatest tool in Bum Marketing arsenal.

How to Start a Bum Marketing Campaign

First off, you need to pick a topic that you know something about. Try to find an area of expertise where you know the products, the buyers, and the sellers rather well. You will need to understand the How, What, Why, When, and Where behind buyers selecting products. You will need to have enough knowledge of the products to write decent articles and give quality advice to inquiring buyers.

So you select product niche X and now you need to decide how you will make money with this product. Here are two websites you can start off with for your bum marketing campaign:

Commision Junction

These websites will allow you to become an affiliate for their products and attempt to sell them online. How does this work you ask?

Well first off, you need to understand how a hop link works. Every product on clickbank and commission junction requires you to create a link to help them track when a user clicks your link and then buys a corresponding product. To create the link, view the tutorials present on clickbank and commision junction, and follow their instrucitons very carefully.

The jist of it is that you will have an id for your account as well as the vendor you are selling a product for. You then link to their product and include in the link both their id and your id. This allows their systems to track when you have directed a user to someone's product and then whether or not they bought the product.

Before you can even start a Bum Marketing Campaign you will need to understand how hop links work. Hop links are in fact the life blood of Bum Marketing, allowing you to build links to websites and allow them to forever make money for you as long as the product continues to sell.

Bum Marketing System

Bum Marketing, or as I like to call it: Badass Underestimated Marketing, is an excellent way to bring in supplimental income for yourself and your family. Whether you are a college student, stay at home mom, successful businessman, or just a bum visiting your local library, you too can make money online via a bum marketing strategy.

What is Bum Marketing?

Most people assume that bum marketing means lazy marketing. This couldn't be further from the truth! Successful bum marketers are driven, web savy, intelligent individuals who find creative methods to sell other people's products. That is in essence, the core to bum marketing: selling products you neither own nor provide support for.

How does Bum Marketing benefit me?

Bum Marketing has provided me with a handsome supplimental income ever since I graduated from college and looked for extra forms of getting money besides my 9-5 programming job. My success can quickly become the key to your success if you follow this blog and learn from my experiences.

Where can I learn more about Bum Marketing?

Right here! Go to the home page and view the latest articles on bum marketing as well as check the archive section for even more posts. Read, learn, and comment!

Feel free to email me at freebeertomorrowonyxia AT gmail DOT com