Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Start a Bum Marketing Campaign

First off, you need to pick a topic that you know something about. Try to find an area of expertise where you know the products, the buyers, and the sellers rather well. You will need to understand the How, What, Why, When, and Where behind buyers selecting products. You will need to have enough knowledge of the products to write decent articles and give quality advice to inquiring buyers.

So you select product niche X and now you need to decide how you will make money with this product. Here are two websites you can start off with for your bum marketing campaign:

Commision Junction

These websites will allow you to become an affiliate for their products and attempt to sell them online. How does this work you ask?

Well first off, you need to understand how a hop link works. Every product on clickbank and commission junction requires you to create a link to help them track when a user clicks your link and then buys a corresponding product. To create the link, view the tutorials present on clickbank and commision junction, and follow their instrucitons very carefully.

The jist of it is that you will have an id for your account as well as the vendor you are selling a product for. You then link to their product and include in the link both their id and your id. This allows their systems to track when you have directed a user to someone's product and then whether or not they bought the product.

Before you can even start a Bum Marketing Campaign you will need to understand how hop links work. Hop links are in fact the life blood of Bum Marketing, allowing you to build links to websites and allow them to forever make money for you as long as the product continues to sell.

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