Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Power of How

Google loves the word "How." For whatever reason, articles I place on free websites that include phrases like "How to" or "How I made" or "How come" are almost instantly indexed by google. This has allowed me to come to the conclusion that the word "How" is highly valued by google's SEO index.

So How can you allow the power of how to help with your bum marketing business? Just like I'm doing now! I'm writing a post that answers the question how you can use the word "How" as well as including it in my title. How is a very powerful tool for the savy bum marketer, and it's something you will definately want to include in atleast a handful of your articles.

Another great part about using "How" in your title is that you are basically telling the person clicking that an answer will be found on the following page. If you answer that "How" then you will most likely have someone willing to click on your link within the article and visit your site.

The power of how within google is awe inspiring, try it out for yourself!

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