Friday, November 13, 2009

How can make you money?

EHow is my favorite free article site currently because not only does it drive traffic to my website, but it also allows me to make a small amount of money on the side! That's right, if someone clicks an ad on their site while he/she is viewing your article then you get a small payment in return. The very first day I tried Ehow I was making money from articles and I know that anyone can repeat my success.

So how do you write on ehow? It's simple, first you make an account like any free article site. Next, you write a title, keywords, and introduction to your ehow article, as well as a difficulty for repeating whatever it is you are going to instruct someone on how to do. You see, ehow is about lists, and after you finish writing the beginning of your article you then have to write a detailed to-do list for your reader to accomplish whatever task you are discussing. After this list is done you can then add links in a resource box at the bottom.

Other custom features include adding images, videos, and what stuff the reader needs before they start.

This site rules! Go check out and start writing some to-do list articles.

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