Friday, January 1, 2010

Importance of Links Inside Articles

Whenever you write for your blog, website, etc. you should include links somewhere in the article to another page or site that you own. The reason for this is that there are thousands of automaticly generated websites indexed by google who steal content from other sites. These websites are often run by robots so the robot will just take the contents of your article and throw it on the front page of its site. By having a link you will get a backlink to that page eventhough the robot had no intention of siting its source.

When writing the backlink, be sure to give it some good SEO quality, so add alt text, use text instead of the link's url, etc. If your site starts to grow and other people look for content to write about, there is a good chance that they will steal your content and paste it on their own site. Even if your content is very old it can still be found and ripped, so always try to leave atleast one link in your articles to another part of your site, blog, forum, other articles, etc.

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