Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Online Marketing - The Reverse of Real World Advertising

Whenever new members to the internet marketing community appear you can always see them making the same mistakes over and over again. One of these common but not well known mistakes is the idea of saving your best content for your premium products. Now obviously you will want to save some information for those that are willing to pay you money, but you should always be willing to put large chunks of extremely valuable information out there for free. Why? Because people surfing the internet are always looking for free information, and unless your free information is better than what they can already access, not many people are going to buy your product that costs money after reading your free information.

What you decide to put out there for free has to be enticing, valuable, instantly usable and leave the browsing internet user hungry for more. The information has to be good enough to make them think of it as more valuable than the other free information they've seen so far in their searching endeavors for whatever topic they are researching. Often times newer members of the internet marketing community will promise the best information behind an expensive curtain and not many people are going to be willing to risk their finances (even with refund guarantees) on information that is promised to them. If you instead offer some of your best information and then sell a decent amount of equally valuable data then your sales will increase substantially and your refund rate will go down as well.

You see perception is reality in the marketing world and you also need to deliver on the expectations of your clientele. The only way to do this is to deliver during the sales pitch with the same level of valuable information as you do after the sale. What I've done with this article is practice exactly what I preach, by giving you valuable information and pitching my product: Successful Blogging Story which also contains scores of useful tips that are just as important as this post.

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